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Since its foundation in 1963, TELA has developed into a premium manufacturer of precision tools. The product range is supplemented by tailored service offers. TELA offers its customers real solutions - tool manufacture and preparation, sharpening services, as well as PVD coatings from a single source.

Technology is not a fad, but the result of constant striving for improvement. TELA stands for technology. TELA will continue to develop its production technology and ensure full precision in the milling process while increasing customer productivity. New ideas are always the result of close cooperation with the customer, whose wishes flow directly into the development processes.


TELA is committed through university cooperation and is open in dialogue and exchange across company boundaries: in the work of the association, but also for interested people who gain exciting impressions in the world of hobs production.


TELA remains TELA. This is what the holding and investment company BONOS GmbH in Mannheim, founded in 2011, stands for, which ensures economic stability for the company and its sisters SAAZOR SAS in Xonrupt-Longemer and SAAZOR-WÄLZTECHNIK ZORN GmbH u. Co. KG and which guarantees the further development of the entire group with measure and purpose.


TELA is committed to its responsibilities in Germany and France, the societies and cultures, the regions, the cities of Pforzheim and Xonrupt-Longemer and the entire industry.

TELA is committed to sustainable action, the future of the company and its employees:

  1. We act independently of our own business.
  2. We are service providers, i.e. we serve and we provide.
  3. We ensure the best results in terms of quality, adherence to deadlines, turnover, utilization, qualification, lead time, error costs, investments, products and services. We rely only on figures, data and facts. Not on opinions.
  4. We make decisions, organize and control. Constructive audits ensure effectiveness and open up new opportunities.
  5. Each employee contributes to the whole and is responsible for it.
  6. We behave in an integer and exemplary manner. In doing so, the internal customer deserves the same esteem and cooperation as the end customer.

  1. The team of employees is always above the individual in the long run.
  2. Concentration on the essentials as a principle.

100 percent climate-neutral parcel shipping
with GLS KlimaProtect


For TELA, sustainable shipping logistics are part of daily business, because responsibility for climate protection is becoming increasingly important. This applies both to parcels that are delivered in Germany and to parcels that are sent abroad. The CO2 emissions caused by the parcel transport and the business activities of our partner GLS Germany are offset annually through a certified project.

Reasons to choose us.


We act entrepreneurially on our own responsibility

We are service providers, i. we serve and we perform.

We ensure the best results in terms of quality, and more...

We make decisions, organize and control.

Every employee contributes to the whole.

We behave with integrity and exemplary.

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