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Theo Lauffer founded TELA in 1963 and manufactured the first carbide precision tools.

He recognized early on that the need for cutting tools is growing. Fields of application such as the vehicle industry including commercial vehicles, mechanical and plant engineering are opening up - where machining was required, TELA precision tools were also required.

It was the time of the German economic miracle in the post-war years and Germany made it to the forefront of the industrialized and exporting nations. A time that Theo Lauffer was able to exceed his own expectations and hold on to the success of his vision. Constant striving quickly led to technological improvements in terms of tool life and cutting data, process reliability thanks to stable cutting edges and wear detection. And with the introduction of the tool preparation service, TELA developed into a one-stop solution provider.

Many decades later, TELA continues to operate successfully on the market and has developed into a premium manufacturer of innovative tools for the areas of drilling, countersinking, reaming, milling, boring and spindles.

We are TELA. Theo Lauffer's vision lives on in us.






Theo Lauffer founds Tela Werkzeugfabrik Theo Lauffer GmbH in Horb a.N.-Ahldorf.




Theo Lauffer retires after 31 years of success. Hans-Jürgen Lauffer joins the management.




The Tela Werkzeugfabrik Theo Lauffer GmbH is dissolved. Hans-Jürgen Lauffer leaves the company.




Foundation of TELA Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH in Horb a.N.-Ahldorf.




Johne & Co. Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH in Dorsten takes over the business.




Takeover of the company by BONOS GmbH. Dr.-Ing. Markus Weiler joins the management.




Expansion of the management board and entry of Mr. Malte Otto.


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We are service providers, i. we serve and we perform.

We ensure the best results in terms of quality, and more...

We make decisions, organize and control.

Every employee contributes to the whole.

We behave with integrity and exemplary.

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